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UNCL Maxmalists and Unicrypt supporters

We love UNCL, UNCX, Unicrypt and we love you!
10% Rewards in UNCL
Renounced Contract
Decentralized Community Project

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What is Cryptonian?

Cryptonians is a club that supports UNCL & UNICRYPT to bring a new revolution in the blockchain industry. We, as a UNICRYPT supporter, have created our own Cryptonian club


Cryptonian for those who are passionate about UNCX, UNCL, Unicrypt.

Cryptonian Club

 This club has been established to support Unicrypt projects. Besides, it invites potential investors and blockchain projects to use the Unicrypt platform.

Incentivize cryptonian supporters

Cryptonian Club encourages Unicrypt users and supporters to use $CYPT token The governance token of the Uncryptonian Club  DAO.

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Power of Cryptonian Club

Cryptonian is a community of devotees of UNCL and UNICRYPT. We will do anything to protect Unicrypt and its ecosystem.

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Club Shield

 Our club’s superpower is to encourage our investors by renouncing the contract after launch which enables a Decentralized Community with growth and security.

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Hold to Grow

Hold $CYPT and join the club that Cryptonian invest in and multiple your portfolio up to 1000X

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Freedom Club

This is an extremely significant development not only just for the investors, but also for the traders whomsoever has a love for $CYPT, UNCL, and & UNICRYPT. Holders will get 10% of every transaction in UNCL as a passive income, Free Community Airdrops Whitelists, and get a chance to be an early bird in upcoming 100X Projects Stake your $CYPT and get Free Community Airdrops.

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Partners & Featured

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Cryptonians Token

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$CYPT token is the governance token of the Cryptonian Community. Read full  tokenomics here.

Token Specification

Name - Cryptonians 
Symbol – $CYPT

Network – Binance Smart Chain
Spec – BEP20 

Smart Contract Address - 


Token Allocation

Total Supply – 1,000,000,000

100% Supply Release on TGE on UNICRYPT 
45% Supply for Presale
25% Supply for Liquidity 
15% Supply for Staking Rewards 
5% Content Writing and Meme Bounty 

10% Burn

Token Features

Automatic LPs 
RFI Static Rewards 
Meme Bounty 
Hold $CYPT to Join Private Group 
Stake $CYPT to Earn FREE Airdrop

Tax Distribution

10% Tax for Redistribution to Holders in UNCL 
3% Tax for Marketing 
2% Tax for Liquidity

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    We  offer various services to help Unicrypt projects spread the world. If you need to raise awareness about your projects through social media, AMA, interviews, etc., you have come to the right place.


Gold Club

Promotional services for Unicrypt projects

1 Detailed Article
1 Giveaway


Platinum Club

Promotional services for Unicrypt projects

All Services of Gold Club
1 Youtube Video
1 Tik Tok Promotion


Diamond Club

Promotional services for Unicrypt projects

All Services of Platinum Club

Boosting Social Presence

Detailed News Article